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[For a moment, the camera is just focused on the wall, and there's an awful lot of snickering happening in the background. It takes a good ten seconds for whoever it is to calm down enough to show their face on screen. The source of the laughter appears to be Penny, but something about her mannerisms seems just a little bit... off. She begins to talk with a barely restrained grin on her face.]

Greetings, everybody! My name is Penny, and I am definitely Penny, without any doubt. I am here to bring you an important announcement!

I- hehehehe- I eat my own boogers! They are very tasty!

[And then she promptly dissolves into helpless giggles. Yeah. Something's not right here.]


["Penny" is making sure she gets out and about today, to maximize how much she can get out of the strange situation she's found herself in. To everybody she meets, she does the exact same thing - she greets them and extends her hand in a traditionally friendly manner.]

Hello! We should shake hands.

[If you choose to shake her hand, you're definitely going to get shocked by a hand buzzer - but who would suspect sweet, innocent Penny?]
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uh... hello? does anybody read these memo things?
is this some kind of prank? i wouldn't put it past terezi to pull something dumb like this.
so terezi if you're reading this can we just go through the "gotcha" moment and can you send me back?

anyways if you are NOT terezi and this is NOT a prank could somebody please tell me what's going on?
because last thing i can remember i was running a bunch of weird time errands for an alien girl.
and then i woke up here in a bed that is definitely NOT mine because it doesn't have cool ghost bed sheets.
also apparently i have a mom now?
she is nice i guess and this lunch box looks delicious, don't get me wrong!
but i was doing some important things!
i don't have time to be playing with this cloud bird thing!!!
(though it is a very cute cloud bird, i will give it that.)

i have tried to get back but my weird time jumping powers do not seem to work here.
and i cannot even fly anymore which is such bullshit! i forgot how lame it was to walk around everywhere.
also my sylladex is gone. so i don't have any of my cool computers or weapons.
instead i just have a backpack and this lame "poke gear" thing which doesn't even have pesterchum installed.
so. yeah.
could somebody fill me in, please?
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if you're hearing this message, then i'm not here right now!
so leave a message after the beep.
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How am I doing playing John, or how am I doing at roleplaying in general? Feel free to lob critiques at me! (Just try to keep it constructive, please.)

Comments are screened
Anon Enabled
IP Logging Off
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Like most Homestuck characters, John has a special canon typing style that looks a little something like this. If you'd rather he drop that format when talking to your character, I totally understand!

Also, since Homestuck is one of those canons, I understand if you'd rather not interact with John at all. Just let me know!

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